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Web Storage

What is My Web Place? 

My Place is one part of Cybersouth Networks Webserver service. Personal Webserver allows members to create Web pages for the Internet complete with images, sounds, and downloadable files. My Place is Internet-accessible disk space on our servers. These servers are running both FTP and WWW servers and may be used for making Web pages and downloadable files available to anyone with Internet connectivity.

This FTP disk space can be used for any of the following:

  • Uploading Web pages (HTML files) for others to use.
  • Making files available to friends or co-workers.
  • Uploading multimedia files for use in your personal page.

To upload the files, type the following address on the browser:

You will be prompt for the user name and password.

To access the files go to:


How do I install the Web Xcelerator Software?

  • To properly set up the Web Xcelerator, please save the WebXcelerator-ip-EN_US.3.02.exe file that we have provided to the desktop.
  • Log off the Internet and close all programs (including your browser), double click on the file that you saved on your desktop, and follow all prompts through completion.
  • Restart computer (if, not automatically performed)
  • Open Browser window, click on “Tools” – “Internet Options” – “Connections” – “Settings” – “Dial up and virtual private network settings”, click on the dial up connection. The two boxes under Proxy server will be checked, (the same under LAN settings). Click the “Advanced” tab, and verify that the proxy IP address is and the port number is 6198.
  • When Internet explorer is opened for the first time, you may experience a delay or even a failure to display the web page. In this case, simply close your web browser and reopen it. Once you reopen the browser, the program should begin successful operation.

How do I disable the Accelerator?

Right click the Accelerator icon on your taskbar and select “Disable”. The Accelerator will remain Disabled until it is “Enabled” again.

Can I use E-bay, while the Acceleratoris enabled?

Generally, no problems are indicated. However, if a difficulty is encountered, right click on the Accelerator icon, select “Settings”, and under “Plus” uncheck “Maximum Privacy Protection”.

Click on “Tools” – “Internet Options” – “General” – under “Temporary Internet files” – Delete cookies – Delete files (check “Delete all offline content”).

Can I use the Accelerator along with my Firewall?

All firewalls must be set to allow full internet access to Pxui.exe and Pxclient.exe files.

What about McAfee?

McAfeeprompts you to “Grant access” or “Block” the Web Xcelerator file (pxclient.exe), once you click on “Grant access” it will continue to work as before.

In case you have already clicked on “Block” by mistake, perform the following:

  • Click on Personal Firewall
  • Click on view the internet application list
  • Click on the Pxclient.exe (on the list)
  • Click on Allow full access (on the right).

What about Norton Internet Security?

Norton will prompt you to “Permit” or “Block” the Web Xcelerator file (pxclient.exe), once you click on “Permit” it will continue to work as before.

In case the “Block” option was chosen by mistake, perform the following:

  • Double click on the Norton Internet Security icon (the little blue and green globe on the system tray).
  • Click on Personal Firewall and then click on “Configure
  • Click on Programs, under Manual Programs Control look for Pxclient.exe on the list and change it to “Permit all” instead of “Block all“.
  • Click OK.

System Requirements

Web Browser

  • Internet Explorer 5.01 or higher
  • Netscape versions 4.07 through 7.0

Operating Systems

  • Windows 98
  • Windows ME
  • Windows XP
  • Windows NT 4
  • Windows 2000


  • 2MB of disk space
  • 3MB RAM

*** MAC and WEB TV are not supported***

Please call technical support if you have any questions or need assistance.

Tech Support Hours
Monday-Friday 9:00AM – 9:00PM & Saturday 10:00AM – 2:00PM
Phone: 912-537-3251 Toll Free: 877-291-8324