Email Spam Filter

Preemptive spam filtering

Our preemptive email filtering prevents email-borne threats from entering your computer before they can cause havoc or harm. That’s because we sit between the Internet and your home network, identifying and resolving threats without consuming bandwidth or resources.

Our unique, pass-through technology processes email in real-time, through a highly secure system architecture that operates with no detectable latency, no data loss, and no security compromises. During pass-through processing, legitimate email is instantly forwarded to each customer’s destination mail server from memory. Depending on your preference, suspicious email is either tagged and delivered or quarantined to a web-accessible storage area for your review.

How can we do this? 

Every email that reaches our system is scanned real-time by Postini preEMPT™ technology. Postini is the industry’s leading provider of email security and management solutions that prevent spam and other mail attacks from reaching our customers. Postini’s patented managed preEMPT technology to eliminate spam and viruses, stop DoS and directory harvest attacks, safeguard content, and improve email performance. Founded in 1999, Postini processes more than one billion email messages per week for more than 3,000 companies.