McAfee VirusScan

Never go online without the latest anti-virus protection. Fast-spreading mass-mailing viruses, worms and Trojans like Mydoom, Bagle and Sasser can easily infect exposed PCs over dial-up or broadband connections, forward themselves to your email contacts and even help remote hackers hijack personal information.

That’s why award-winning McAfee VirusScan-trusted by millions worldwide-automatically scans your email, attachments, shared disks and downloads, then immediately starts to clean or quarantine infections. Easy to download, install and use, McAfee VirusScan automatically checks for virus updates* whenever you connect to the Internet, so your protection stays up-to-date against the latest threats, including spyware.


  • Prevents viruses when emailing, downloading and surfing
  • Destroys viruses and virus-like threats
  • Identifies spying and pop-up ad programs
  • Updates automatically to protect against new threats

System Requirement

  • Windows 98, ME, 2000, or XP
  • Pentium 133 MHz
  • Minimum 16 MB RAM; 32 MB recommended
  • 8 MB free hard-drive space
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher

Purchasing Information

McAfee VirusScan can be purchased as a downloadable package or on CD with documentation.

Visit McAfee for information regarding purchasing.