If you have ever seen a local real estate website before, it usually built with WordPress. It’s one of the most popular content management platforms that is used that is freely available. However, some people prefer another platform called Joomla!. It is something that you can add to your website just as easily. The framework is different, and some people prefer this because of the way that it displays all of the information. If you are in business in the city of Naples in Florida, you may want to consider setting up a website with Joomla!. Here are the reasons why this might be the best idea for you and your Naples Florida business.

How Does Joomla! Work?

This platform works in a very similar way to WordPress. If you have to use the back door of WordPress before, you will have a bit of familiarity. The platform is different, and it may take you a few hours to understand how to create your main page and all of your posts. However, in no time at all, you will have a fully functional website especially if you are using a Joomla! The theme that works to promote your business to the public.

What Type Of Business Is Work With A Joomla! Platform?

Businesses that use the Joomla! The platform is no different than any others that use Word press, or even standard HTML websites. Those that have used HTML for years will often upgrade to these blogging platforms. It’s because they are easier to use when you are making a post, or when you are creating pages. It’s a simple interface where you can enter your information, click the post button, and you will be able to see it live on your website.

Should You Do This On Your Own Or Use A Professional?

You should certainly consider using this if you are a professional. What you will notice, especially if you have used WordPress before, is that they will have completely different plug-ins. The templates that they use, and the modules that are available, will make your website very dynamic. You can also access libraries online that can provide you with information on how to set up everything. The packages that they have been designed for those that have digital products, and physical products, that can all be sold and represented very easily.

How Many Awards Has It Earned?

Going back as far as 2005, Joomla! CMS as in recognize many times. It has one award such as the top London Linux script, several Packt awards, and as consistently one several year in a row the CMS critic People’s choice award. It is for these reasons that many people are looking into Joomla! More than WordPress, however, that does not mean that it is more popular. It is designed for people that want something completely different than what WordPress or HTML has to offer.

For those that are tech savvy, this is going to be very easy to use. You have likely had experience with operating websites online. You will notice that it is designed to little differently, but that’s not going to prevent you from learning how to control the system. The way that you display your content, and the way that people can access it, are very similar across the board. It is simply preferable for those that want to use a system that is more innovative, and that is changing the way that we design and control are websites today. It is something that you may want to try, even if you have been using WordPress for many years or even standard HTML websites for your Naples Florida business.